Learning Log – Final Reflection


As I finish the course that led me to this blog, I realize how much I have learned and my potential for continued growth.  I feel like I was on a roller coaster.  Most of the time I was screaming with my eyes closed, twirling and grasping to use and understand technology and to finish assignments.  As soon as I recovered from one loop da loop, I was in another spiral spin trying to make sense of direction and goals. And now I am off the roller coaster replaying each part of the ride, remembering the challenges, and exhilarated with the  knowledge that I can do this!

]This class has given me a new perspective on the need to include technology in class instruction.  We have not only discussed the “why”  this is important, but have learned “how” to use tools and applications effectively.  The discussion in the first module regarding digital citizenship was enlightening.  Yes, I have heard of digital citizenship in my graduate coursework, but it is not a term I hear often as a classroom teacher.   Having been lucky enough to attend MSET this year I realize that digital citizenship is a key word with educators eager to meet the needs of our 21st century learners.  I listen to information with new ears after taking this class and I feel like I understand a new language.  This class has empowered me.  I can barely believe the products I have created; blogs ,Google Docs,  screencasts, wikis, digital stories, VoiceThreads, Skype conferences, and even Twitter!  Implementing these tools was more than learning about their use.  I also learned how to take risks when trying new things and to use the support of Internet resources like You Tube, professional wikis and articles.  I  am  amazed at many resources available and now feel knowledgeable enough to use them.

Module 4 particularly made an impact on me.  Reflecting on the Transforming American Education plan and Universal Design for Learning principles prepares me for the challenges (and adventure) ahead.  I want to help facilitate the change.  I want to help teachers on my team and staff learn how to use technology to engage and empower our students.  I want to model how using technology is not just for the sake of using it, but rather a necessity for designing lessons to meet the needs of our changing learners.   The Common Core is coming but we need teachers to embrace the changes that put inquiry and project based learning in the forefront.

I am also thankful to my classmates in this class. Their insight , discussion, questions and reflection have helped me throughout the course.  We have, indeed, made our own little PLC  and I value our time spent online.   My classmates have taught me a great deal and I am excited to dig further into the resources they have shared.

So now that I am off the roller coaster, I can’t wait to get back on it!  I am excited to start the year with a new vision and technology plan of my own.



Hershey Park- Ride on Storm runner front seat ride POV! Wow! Hershey Park steel roller coaster.[Video] (2009) Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DEELm_Dajc on May 3, 2012.


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