Learning Log – Wikis


I think I found some really great wikis that will help me plan for instruction and to use for my next grad school assignment!



Bookmark this wiki!  This wiki was voted The Best Educational Wiki  for the 2011 Edublogs Awards.  It is compiled by Martin Burrett who published this collection of great tools and websites.  He wanted to share them teachers from all over the world in order to engage learners. The wiki lists and organizes a wide variety of digital tools that teaches can use for instruction, management, or fun.  Topics in the navigation bar  include Cross Curricular, Education Games, English, Planning and Assessment and many,many others.   Any teacher will find something to use to in this wiki.  It is a wonderful resource to share with other teachers because the annotations and links are so easy to understand and use.


This wiki also won a 2011 Edubog Award for the best educational use of a wiki.  Students from around the world are assigned to make a Glog poster about their city, country, or culture.  The posters are then compiled on this wiki.  Anyone is welcome to join this wiki and post student work to share.  The wiki gives students not only an opportunity to share their work but to  learn about people and places around the world.  Because it is so open-ended, this wiki can be used with any grade level and is one that can be applied to any subject area.


This wiki is used by the Howard County Public School system to implement the transition to the Common Core.  It has links to the Common Core and MSDE web sites as well as information for content and specialty areas. The wiki includes archived professional development sessions and  links to grade level plans.  This wiki is great because it provides easy access and organizes the information all in one spot.  This wiki will support teachers as they  learn and implement the Common Core.


This wiki was interesting to me because it outlines everything we have been talking about in my grad  class.  Origami Education is a wiki and blog about 21st century learning and teaching.  Its focus is to address the needed shift in “educational paradigm” in order to meet the needs of our learners.   Included in the resource is information and resources about Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, digital citizenship, learning styles, and web 2.0. This wiki is one to use as I continue my journey and  advocate that others to  meet NET standards and use technology as an instructional tool and resource.



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