Learning Log – Goodreads



I have included the link to my Realistic Fiction Goodreads bookshelf.  I created this bookshelf as a result of a conversation I had with a colleague about finding good realistic fiction picture books to share with students as outlined in our writing curriculum.  I decided to think like a media specialist for this assignment and make  a list of books that would be useful in an upcoming book  order or as a tool for recommending books for classroom lessons.

I could also use Goodreads to generate additional lists that match genres and units outlined in the curriculum.  I think using Goodreads  is a good way to stay current on new releases and popular books.  Networking  with other librarians in my county would give us the opportunity to share lists and access reviews needed for ordering.

I love the idea of having students use a Goodreads account to share books they have enjoyed and their written reviews but Goodreads doesn’t allow users under the age of 13.  As a media specialist, however,  I could use it recommend books to students based on their interests and needs.




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