Learning Log – iGoogle


I am so happy to have discovered iGoogle.  With all of the social network and blog sites to maintain I was feeling very overwhelmed with how to organize and access my information.  Thanks Google!  I was able to pick which gadgets I needed and could personalize the page to suit my needs.  I love having my Twitter and Google Reader accounts fed to me right from one spot.  I find something to read and learn something professionally every day. Having Google Docs at my finger tips  makes it easy to access my files and collaborate accordingly.  I look forward to  find many more gadgets that will help keep me organize.  In reflection , I don’t think without iGoogle that I would keep up with the blogs and twitter feed.

The page that I am sharing is my Library Media Page.  I like that I can also plan to create a personal page that links me to my facebook, pintrest,  and game accounts. ( I might even add a cute little virtual puppy!)

I was originally worried about being selected to participate in a pilot program for Google Apps for Education.  My biggest worry was that it was just one more thing to check and do.  After using iGoogle I see that if used correctly and intentionally it can save teachers a lot of time and help them become more efficient users of technology.  I am hoping that the pilot program will have a similar interface that will allow teachers  access  all of the county and professional resources,  email, and documents that support instruction.


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