Digital Product


This digital product was made using Mixbook.( It is intended to be used as a way to display word problems that  accelerated 1st grade math students wrote and illustrated.  This book will be viewed in class with a LCD monitor so that students can solve and discuss each other’s work.  The number sentences will be omitted and then added with student input.

Concept:  Math – Addition and subtraction computational fluency and problem solving.

Howard County Objectives:

Solve given word problems based on addition and subtraction situations and describe the results using pictures, numbers, and or words. (2.6.C.1.d)\

Write word problems for addition and subtraction situations. (2.6.C.1.d)


I had a hard time deciding what to do as a project for this assignment.  I had my heart set on using another web 2.0 tool but had difficulty with the site.  Mixbook is a great tool for making scrapbook type of projects but it doesn’t seem to let you import pictures from a Flickr gallery as was my first plan.  (If anyone wants some good Flat Stanley photos you can visit the Flickr galleries, Flat Stanley, and Flat Stanley 2,  I made thinking I could import them to Mixbook.)  My final product is simple but I think my students will love it!


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  1. Liz, I love the scrapbook created with the student artwork and photos! Students will enjoy seeing their own work and faces integrated into a class project such as this. The scrapbook really helps the word problems seem more like a fun riddle than true work. It would be great if you could collaborate with another 1st grade teacher whose class could complete a similar project. Each class could then swap and share scrapbooks to solve the problems.

    • Great idea, Melissa! I love this scrapbook, too. It may be simple, but the fact that students will see themselves and their classmates will definitely increase their interest level. Nice!

  2. I love this! Even though I don’t teach Math, I always wonder how I would apply these fun projects to that curriculum. Your kids must love to see their faces and work in a project like this. Parents would love seeing this on Back to School Nights and during conferences. Any ideas of how to apply this to a middle school level? Nice job:)

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