Learning Log – Flickr Slide Shows


Learning to use Flickr to create a set with my own pictures was insightful. I decided to connect the set to the Social Studies unit we are doing in first grade about communication.  Students learn and discuss what communication is, how we communicate, and how communication has changed throughout time.   will use the slide show to have them identify ways that the tools have changed and how they might change for the future.As I took these pictures around the school grounds, I realized what a powerful activity this would be for kids to do themselves.  We have class sets of  digital cameras that can be used for such a use.  I experimented by adding titles to my pictures.  I wanted to see what the slide show would look like with titles and captions.  A student or class could write about their picture sets using this feature. By linking Flickr to my  i photo application loading my pictures very easy. The other cool thing I found is that I could post the Flickr url for this set in my handout folder on the network so that my students could have access to it in the computer lab!  Cool!! In the future I will use Flickr sets as a way for students to show work and apply thinking. I   could also use it to highlight and write about class activities and special events.

Flickr set:



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  1. Liz, was the Communication set the pictures that you put up? When I clicked on it, it came up as not being found. Jayne

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